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Cold LED Light Therapy can help you today! These are some of our patients who almost lost hope, but Dr. Hunter and our staff at Charleston Spine Center introduced them to our new light therapy and we are ecstatic with the results!

Another great success story with a neuropathy patient! We are so excited to keep getting great consistent results from different patients! It is amazing how Cold Low-Level Laser Therapy can help with various measures of pain relief!

We are so excited to announce our new Cold LED light therapy! NLAL, or Near Laser Assisted Lypolysis, is the natural and healthy way to lose inches specifically targeted for unwanted fat.

This is a patient who purchased 8 sessions and you will be AMAZED of the RESULTS!!!

Even when all else has failed… Even when you’ve been told there’s nothing else you can do… Spinal Decompression therapy is considered by many doctors to be the most advanced and successful NON-INVASIVE treatment of serious back, neck, leg, or arm pain.

This is an actual patient who had 20 treatments of this therapy, and the results are amazing!!!

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