“I have chronic back pain and have received care at Dr. Carolyn Hunter’s clinic for 10 years. Over this period of time, I have developed deep sense of respect for Dr. Hunter and the practitioners she has placed on her staff. I have trusted them to provide the quality of care that I so desperately needed. Six weeks ago, I injured both of my shoulders and was unable to lift my arms above shoulder height. Michelle, the Physical Therapist, guided me through a program of exercises that strengthened my muscles and helped me to achieve normal rotation of my shoulders and arms. Dr. Hunter and Dr. Goldin provided chiropractic treatments. Dr. Saavedra provided medical treatment, including injections that relieved the pain that I was experiencing. All of the staff expressed care for my well-being and offered encouragement during this process of recovery. Today, my shoulders are back to normal and I have been able to end the treatment I have been receiving. I am most grateful for the care that Health Edge Group provided for me and the community. I would recommend them to anyone in need of such care.”

– J. Hartwig

“The chiropractic clinic was very professional. Dr. Hunter took me in on day one and performed a thorough physical back exam, including X-rays. After reviewing the results together, she prescribed a course of treatment for me and answered any questions I had about it. I was turned over to her associate, Dr. Goldin, who administered my treatment in a quick, professional manner. The therapy staff was pleasant and professional as well!! They made sure I was comfortable and I understood the process. They re-evaluated me at intervals and adjusted my treatment plan accordingly. The front office staff was very pleasant. They greeted me with a smile and were quick to get me checked in and out. I am appreciative to the staff at Health Edge Group for their time and expertise in healing my back after my auto accident.”

– C. Melchor

“Chiropractic has improved my life a lot. I am able to sleep better and walking is not as painful. I’m still coming for treatment each week. When I first came in I could hardly walk or stand up straight. This is one of the best decisions I have ever made! Come check it out! I called one day and because the front desk was so nice and helpful, I made an appointment. They were so nice and full of excitement. I love it when someone has excellent customer service. Everywhere I called the person who answered the phone was rude. I love the staff at the Charleston Spine Center, and I can clearly see they LOVE what they do. That’s very important to me. I could have gone somewhere else, but I chose not to. The treatment has helped me to enjoy life more! Keep up the good work!

– L. Washington

Thank you so much for helping me get “back into action!” Your help has been a huge asset in allowing me to live pain free!”

– Jennifer S.

“I was having terrible migraine headaches and treating them with meds. Dr. Hunter started adjusting my neck and WOW what a difference it made! I go once a week to stay on track, or at least try to. Trust me I was the most hesitant person in the world to get adjusted, but as always, Dr. Hunter reassured me. It has been GREAT! I can function and work without a daily headache and no more meds. Go and get chiropractic care at Charleston Spine Center. The office staff is wonderful, always smiling, helpful, and no waiting!”

– W. Heirs

“I feel much better now. My neck doesn’t feel nearly as bad as it did when I first started coming. Chiropractic doesn’t hurt, it only helps. Everyone is here to make you better. Great staff and doctors too!”

– D. Cortes

“Chiropractic care has greatly improved my life. I am able to do many things without pain or limitation. That was not possible before my treatment. I would say that it has made a world of difference in how I feel, my energy level has increased, and I feel GREAT! I would absolutely refer friends and family to this office. I am most pleased that I am pain free, and able to workout again. The staff here is very knowledgeable and sensitive to their patients needs, caring and professional.”

– C. Kersey

“I felt a mess. My left hip was so painful I walked with a limp and couldn’t walk very far. I also had several spasmodic pains under my ribs, which made driving unsafe. Although I knew several people who had been helped by chiropractic care, I was apprehensive, as I had already had spinal surgery some years ago. I was reassured when Dr. Hunter said that area of my spine was off limits. After giving all details of my medical history, I had a scan, which showed the problem areas in my spine. Two weeks later I was feeling better, and a few weeks after that my scan showed a remarkable improvement. My treatment included adjustments, ice, and exercised at home and a back support to wear while gardening. I feel taller, lighter, and much brighter. Now, I am walking and driving again. On every visit to the clinic I have been greeted by happy, smiling faces and every appointment has been on time. For me this has been a non-stressful and successful experience.”

– B. Maynard

“My lower back pain is fine at the moment, I do get the off twinge, but it soon goes. I accept this, as I have had very bad bouts of extreme pain over the past twenty years. Dr. Hunter is doing her best now to get the top of my back in order. It’s a bit stubborn at the moment, but I’m sure she will get it moving sooner than later. I am able to do a lot on my own now, without Dr. Hunter. It also helps for me to relax knowing it’s a female treating me, and I’m sure it helps her do her treatment when I’m more relaxed.”

– A. Doherty

“When I first came in I had significant pain in my lower back, enough that I was taking something for pain everyday, something I resist doing. Dr. Hunter found a couple sources of pain during the initial evaluation and set a schedule to help me. I no longer take daily pain-killers and with regular maintenance visits, I am active as ever!!! The staff is so courteous and attentive! Most days the wait is only a few minutes at most to move one to the back and get started on manipulation and massage.”

– C. Page

“Never having an adjustment before I didn’t know what to expect, but after a very short time I was put at ease and everything was explained. I felt so much better knowing someone understood what I was going though. The staff is very kind, helpful, and nice. I feel when chiropractic gives you relief from nagging pain it is worth every penny. I am very pleased and it is good to feel human again.”

– T. Hartle

“A big thank you to the team for the amazing support you have given me over the years. I do feel greatly at ease, thoroughly informed, and comfortable. I have been greatly calm, relaxed and in professional way the team works efficiently to manage quality time for questions to be discussed as well as individual care of my treatment. I certainly would not hesitate in recommending Charleston Spine Center to others. Thank you not just for doing a brilliant job, but for making me feel special. You’re unique gifts, so keep up the good work!”

– W. Knowles

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