Neuropathy Treatment

Peripheral neuropathy strikes after damage is done to your peripheral nerves.

Symptoms include numbness, weakness and pain. These symptoms typically affect your hands and feet, but can strike other parts of your body as well.

At South Carolina’s Health Edge Group in North Charleston, our medical team can help you deal with these physical issues and get you back to leading a pain-free life. Contact Health Edge Group today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

The peripheral nervous system transmits information from the brain to the rest of your body – and is essential for healthy and normal function.

Peripheral neuropathy often appears following a traumatic injury or an infection. It also can be caused by metabolic problems or exposure to toxic materials.

Patients who suffer from peripheral neuropathy often say their pain feels like a burning or stabbing sensation. Tingling can also be felt in some cases.

Symptoms can improve if an underlying condition is found and treated. And medications can help ease your pain as well.

At Health Edge Group, our medical team will thoroughly discuss your symptoms and medical history with you in order to design the proper treatment plan to ease your pain so you can return to work and a full life without limitations.


At Health Edge Group, our medical team begins by reviewing your symptom history. A physical exam follows in which our team will search for indications of numbness, muscle weakness or issues with reflexes. We may need to run urine and blood tests to determine if you are suffering from diabetes or any vitamin or metabolic deficiencies.

We’ll also determine if you have an underlying condition or genetic defect. These could be impacting your nerve function. The Health Edge Group medical team also will ask you about how much alcohol you are drinking, and about any medications you are on.

Other tests we may use during diagnosis include electromyogram, or EMG, and nerve conduction velocity, also known as NCV. These tests can help us determine how well your nerves and muscles are functioning – and they can measure electrical properties of nerves.

These tests can help us locate any abnormal nerves and know whether they have been damaged.

We also may perform muscle and nerve biopsies in some cases. These tests offer key data regarding the type and cause of the neuropathy.

Spinal taps, also known as lumbar punctures, may be needed to locate infections or inflammation that can often be associated with neuropathy.

Your family medical history may also help our team make the correct diagnosis. If a family member has had peripheral neuropathy, we may want to go over their medical records if possible to search for potential hereditary links to your condition.


The effective treatment of peripheral neuropathy often depends on the root cause of nerve damage. Peripheral neuropathy may be caused by vitamin deficiency. If so, your condition may be treated through better diet and taking the proper vitamins.

Some nerve damage is caused by alcohol abuse. At Health Edge Group, we can help you take steps to address this issue.

Peripheral neuropathy also may be caused by toxic substances or medications you are taking. We can determine if this is the case and offer the necessary treatment or revisions in your medication.

If your neuropathy is diabetes related, Health Edge Group can help you monitor your blood sugar levels to help ease symptoms.

At Health Edge Group, we know that early diagnosis and proper treatment of peripheral neuropathy is essential. Your peripheral nerves can regenerate, but only so much – and often only with proper treatment.

If you are severely impaired, physical therapy may be needed to ensure you keep your strength and reduce muscle spasms and cramping.

Some forms of peripheral neuropathy can be averted by maintaining sound health habits. Some healthy habits to follow include:

  • Eating a nutritious diet.
  • Regular exercise.
  • Staying away from excessive alcohol consumption.

Avoiding injuries and toxic chemicals and carefully managing underlying disorders, such as diabetes, also help prevent peripheral neuropathy.

If pain and numbness are causing you concern and impacting your quality of life, peripheral neuropathy may be the cause.

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