Medical Services Overview

At Health Edge Group in North Charleston, South Carolina, we’re dedicated to offering our patients the best and most up-to-date medical care available in the region.

Our medical team has years of experience and has helped thousands of patients get healthy and stay healthy through a combination of traditional and state-of-the-art medical practices.

Whatever your health issue may be, Health Edge Group is ready to address it and start you down the road to a healthy and happy life.

Whether you need chiropractic care, advanced nerve testing, medically supervised weight loss programs or tests to determine if you suffer from food allergies, Health Edge Group has the experience and know-how to treat what ails you.

Our team of doctors and highly-skilled medical professionals offer numerous health services, including:

  • Advanced Nerve Testing: Known as NCV and EMG, these tests offer pain-free methods to diagnose patients suffering from nerve problems that lead to pain, numbness and other ailments.
  • ALCAT Food Allergy Testing: Intolerance to certain foods or exposure to mold may be making you sick – and leaving you wondering why you feel ill. These tests allow the Health Edge Group team to learn what may be causing your illness – and what treatment you will need to feel better.
  • Chiropractic Care: Our practice boasts two doctors whose careers are deeply rooted in chiropractic care. Health Edge Group team members are trained in spinal decompression and other chiropractic techniques to reduce your pain and increase your range of motion. If other treatments have not eased your pain, contact Health Edge Group to learn how chiropractic care can reduce your pain and improve your overall health.
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound: Discovering precisely what is causing a patient’s pain or health problem often means taking a deeper look – one beyond the traditional physical exam. Diagnostic ultrasound provides the Health Edge Group team with a more precise tool to diagnose conditions and select the proper treatment to get patients back to health.
  • Joint/Inflammation Injections: If chronic pain is making your life miserable and the simplest of tasks too difficult, Health Edge Group offers injections that can offer immediate relief and get you back to the active life you want to lead. These injections are long-lasting and offer relief where other pain-relieving techniques have failed.
  • Medically Supervised Weight Loss: Many people have tried a variety of diet and exercise plans to lose weight – and they have. But just as many people see unwanted pounds return. This yo-yo effect of weight loss and gain is unhealthy and frustrating for those who want to keep excess pounds off. At Health Edge Group, we can help you develop a diet and exercise plan that works – and lasts. Give up fad diets that don’t work. We’ll develop a weight-loss plan that will keep you healthy and active for years to come.
  • Neuropathy Treatment: The many types of neuropathy leave many people in pain and unable to lead active and happy lives. Our treatments will help reduce your pain and leave your hands and feet feeling normal and healthy once again.
  • Nutritional Assessment: At Health Edge Group, we’ll help you determine if you are getting the proper amount of vitamins and nutrients you need to stay in good health. We will review your diet and lifestyle choices and help you make healthy choices when you eat.
  • SpectraCell Testing: This reliable testing service helps us to determine if you are suffering from various deficiencies. This data allows Health Edge Group to better diagnose and treat our patients.
  • Topical Analgesics: These medicines are top anti-inflammatory drugs that can prevent production of chemicals in the body that lead to pain and swelling. Topical analgesics can be applied to your skin so medicine targets the area you want to treat, rather than the entire body.
  • Trigger Point Therapy: Tiny muscle knots can lead to nerve pain – especially in your neck and back. This therapy targets these trigger points and eases pain fast and effectively.

These are just some of the services we offer at Health Edge Group.

To learn more or to make an appointment, contact us today and let the Health Edge Group team lead you to a healthier and happier life!

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