At Health Edge Group in North Charleston, South Carolina, we’re proud to provide the latest and most effective testing and diagnostic tools to better serve our patients.

Here’s a brief description of the testing and diagnostics we offer. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact Health Edge Group today.

  • Advanced Nerve Testing: These tests provide accurate and pain-free techniques to diagnose patients with nerve problems that are causing them numbness, pain and other health problems. These tests allow our Health Edge Group medical team to better understand what’s causing your physical issues – and how we can begin treatment to get you better.
  • ALCAT Food Allergy Testing: Many people feel sick because they cannot tolerate certain foods – but they likely don’t suspect that this food intolerance is causing their physical problems. ALCAT food sensitivity tests allow us to determine whether exposure to certain foods is behind your illness and prepare a diet and treatment plan to address your health issues.
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound: This test is extremely helpful in diagnosing health problems that traditional physical exams and x-rays may miss. If you have unusual pain and cannot determine the cause, ultrasound can provide a clearer picture to discover what is behind your pain and allow us to begin your treatment.
  • Nutritional Assessment: At Health Edge Group, our nutritional assessment program can tell you if you are receiving the right amount of vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to function properly. This assessment process includes a thorough review of your diet and exercise habits. If nutrient deficiencies are found, the Health Edge Group team can help you design a diet and supplement program to restore you to health.
  • SpectraCell Testing: This testing helps our doctors determine if patients are suffering from various deficiencies that can lead to poor health. Data from SpectraCell testing allows us to obtain more precise information on your health so we can better treat your health problems.

Receiving a proper diagnosis is the first step toward successful treatment of your health issues. That’s why Health Edge Group relies on the latest and most-advanced diagnostic tools available.

Contact us today to let the Health Edge Group team get to the bottom of your health problems – and begin the process of restoring you to good health.

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