Diagnostic Ultrasound

At Health Edge Group in North Charleston, South Carolina, we offer the latest in diagnostic technology to help our patients determine the cause of their pain or illness.

If you are experiencing pain you have not felt before, pain in an unusual spot, or you can’t determine the cause of your pain, don’t ignore it. Your body could be telling you something is wrong.

At Health Edge Group, we offer diagnostic ultrasound – a safe, effective and painless procedure that can spot health problems early – before they grow into serious or even life-threatening medical issues.

Diagnostic ultrasound helps our medical team spot health problems that physical exams and x-rays often miss.


Ultrasound machines can be used to find nerve and tissue damage, inflammation and offer clearer pictures on the health of major organs such as the liver. Ultrasound also is useful in diagnosing spinal problems and helps doctors determine the health of growing babies in pregnant women.


At Health Edge Group, our doctors work with patients to select the best tests and treatment plans. It’s a collaborative effort.

Ultrasound testing’s benefits include:

  • Zero downtime: Ultrasound is non-invasive and patients can return to work the same day.
  • Zero radiation: Patients who may not be able to undergo x-ray tests can safely undergo diagnostic ultrasound.
  • Zero magnets: This makes ultrasound safe for people who have pacemakers.
  • Zero preparation: For most tests, you don’t need to fast before undergoing ultrasound.


Other tests are limited in scope. Still other tests offer information on your entire body.

Ultrasound testing provides our medical team with a diagnostic tool that can target specific issues in just about every part of your body.

Ultrasound can be used to diagnose problems in:

  • Your feet and ankles: Strains, sprains, arthritis, damaged tissue and scar tissue all can be discovered via ultrasound.
  • Knees: Ultrasound is an effective tool to diagnose athletic injuries, from loose ligaments to bone injuries.
  • Hips: Ultrasound helps us diagnose damaged tendons, discover painful cysts and locate inflammation from arthritis.
  • Elbows: Repetitive-use injuries can be diagnosed with ultrasound, along with tendon problems, inflammation and tissue scarring.
  • The spine: Ultrasound allows our team to examine your back to determine the cause of back pain.


For many patients, simple medical problems can be diagnosed without advanced testing.

Ultrasound can be used as a vital diagnostic tool to help us rule out serious conditions, for example, if you have spinal compressions or rheumatoid arthritis.

If you have undergone other tests that have failed to determine the cause of your pain, discomfort or illness, it may be time to turn to ultrasound to discover what is behind your health problems.


After the Health Edge Group team completes the treatment plan we have designed for our patients, ultrasound can be used to ensure treatment has been effective and no new physical problems have emerged.

Ultrasound allows us to confirm that any physical damage has been correctly addressed and treatments have worked. And if you feel your pain has been reduced or eliminated, this positive change will reveal itself on the ultrasound screen.


In cases involving organ ultrasound, you may have to take certain steps to prepare. The Health Edge Group team will advise you on how to prepare based on your specific test and condition.

For most patients, there is no need to fast or abstain from taking your regular medications before your ultrasound exam. The test itself is painless and quick.

Our ultrasound specialist will apply a gel to the device, and it may feel a bit cold at first. But it’s pain-free and you can return to normal activity immediately after the test is complete.

If you are experiencing mysterious pain that other tests have failed to discover its cause, it may be time for you to undergo diagnostic ultrasound.

Don’t ignore pain and simply hope and assume it will go away on its own.

Contact Health Edge Group and let us help you determine what’s behind your pain and create a treatment plan if needed.

Give yourself peace of mind about your health. Contact Health Edge Group about ultrasound today.

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