Allergy Testing

What Is Allergy Testing?

The sneezing, the itchiness, the runny nose, the hives: while some people have seasonal allergies, yours never seem to go away. It could be that you’re allergic to pollen, pet dander, and even certain foods. For the sake of your safety, you should consider getting an allergy test. At Health Edge Group & Wellness Center in North Charleston, SC, we offer this testing in addition to our chiropractic services.

Allergy testing is a medical test that determines what you’re allergic to. Your allergies aren’t always static throughout your whole life. You may be allergic to pollen as a child but outgrow the allergy as an adult. You may develop allergies later in life that didn’t affect you in childhood.


How Is It Done?

A medical professional will administer one of two tests. These are skin tests and blood tests.

With a skin test, you may receive allergens directly via a needle. The medical professional will see which allergen causes adverse symptoms.

You may also receive a similar skin test that is performed without the injection. With this test, allergens are inserted via a small pinprick. Again, the medical professional waits for symptoms such as swelling and redness.

Blood tests can also confirm what you’re allergic to. That said, blood test results must be taken to a lab and processed, which can sometimes take days (up to a week in some cases). Skin test results are immediate. If your skin swells up, you know you’re allergic. If not, then you can speak with a medical professional about your next steps.

Why Get Tested?

As mentioned, you don’t always have the same allergies throughout your whole life. New ones may develop as you get older.

Allergies can be quite dangerous, especially if these are food allergies. If you have a severe reaction, it can be fatal. Even if you don’t have a severe reaction, you have to deal with itchiness, hives, and other discomfort whenever you come into contact with the allergen. That’s no way to live.

By getting tested, you don’t have to guess at what’s causing your allergic symptoms. You can know for sure. You can then make a conscious effort to avoid that allergen. If that’s not possible, you can get on a medication to prevent or reduce your allergy symptoms.

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